What is Coaching?

In coaching, I offer you impulses to find out what is really important to you and support you in moving away from old behavior patterns to new strategies for action. Tackling professional challenges requires courage. Overcoming obstacles requires strength. Both are inevitable to work healthy & effective in the long run.

In a personal coaching session, I am always concerned that you first become clear about your goal. Why do you want to be coached? What do you want to change? Why? How can you tell that you have reached your goal? Coaching is always confidential, goal-oriented and measurable.

Prior to coaching, we conduct an information and order clarification meeting with a joint sympathy and chemistry check. Only if this fits for both sides, a trusting and appreciative cooperation is possible, which is the basis for the desired success.

Example of the coaching process

Step 1

Chemistry and sympathy check in a non-binding preparatory meeting

Step 2

We jointly define the rules for the cooperation (coaching agreement – goals, what has already happened so far, when is the coaching successful?)

Step 3

Analysis and diagnosis – discussion of the current professional situation (incl. strengths & weaknesses)

Step 4

Objectives of the coaching for the coachee (e.g. potentials & opportunities, clarification of development needs and discussion of current and future professional challenges)

Step 5

Determine concrete actions and measures

Step 6

Determine coaching style

Step 7

Regular feedback meetings

Step 8

Final meeting

Marion Schilcher

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