Personality Development


Today, the development of one’s own personality is a decisive factor on the way to more professional and private success. Therefore, more than ever, professional and well-founded tools are needed, with which “personality” can actually be captured and vividly presented. The LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER is exactly such a tool.


Using an online-based questionnaire and digitally generated result reports, it forms a holistic and at the same time differentiated representation of the personality structure. It has an excellent psychological foundation and at the same time a very high practical suitability. As a result, it has a very high user acceptance due to its modern design and appealing and easy-to-understand presentation.


As a certified PERSONALITY PROFILER coach I am happy to accompany you with the valid and practical analysis tool LPP, which gives you a meaningful result report: What drives you? How do you implement? What leads you to success?
On the basis of YOUR “Big Five”, you will INDIVIDUALLY recognize….

  1. your motives, which drive you,
  2. your character traits, which make a statement about HOW you implement and
  3. you get hints about competencies you have and/or can easily build up.

The concept we work with together takes up several concepts of contemporary educational work. It combines them into a modern, well-founded and sustainably effective approach to personality analysis and development.
You will receive a meaningful result report in which all analysis results are presented in a comprehensible way.
In coaching, we work out your personality areas and individual goal definitions and then create an impetus for concrete measures for individual development in the areas you have defined.

Marion Schilcher

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